The Challenge & Why We Must Fight Now

Life at Conception

The Constitution of the United States protects all innocent life as a basic right without exception. 

The right of every child to be be born must be upheld.

Strong Traditional Families

As the most basic essential unit of society, the traditional family brings benefits to society beyond anything government can create.

As such, traditional families must be valued and protected.

Restore American Education

America is not just another country. It is a set of ideas.

A classical education should teach children why America is exceptional in all of history, and why we must preserve it.

Keep Your Guns

The arming of the citizenry both prevents the likelihood of foreign invasion as well as the descent into domestic tyranny. 

Additional benefits such as sport, self-defense, and hunting are also valuable.

Bring Prices Down

Families are facing increasing pressure on their budgets from runaway inflation. Gas, groceries, and other expenses are increasing as a result of poor monetary policy.

Put America First

Just because we have been a leading world power does not mean we must take a step back for others to take the lead. The world needs a strong America.


Other nations such as China and India use all forms of available energy for growth. The United States must commit to achieving total energy independence.

Keep Criminals Out

Any sovereign power must have authority over its borders. Illegal aliens and corrupt government officials helping them must be caught and punished.

Keep Your Money

Citizens today are expected to pay taxes and user fees on everything from vehicle stickers to tacked-on utility fees. These are parasitic losses on hard working families.

Freedom of Religion

Citizens of the United States should not be compelled by government to provide services against their consciences.

No Forced Masks

No government has the constitutional authority to require citizens to modify their appearances to satisfy ill-conceived decrees.

Fewer, Better Laws

The Roman statesman Tacitus observed that "the more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws." This is still true today.

Repent and Turn

Immorality and degeneracy are at crisis levels in America. If we do not repent and turn away from sin we will invite further judgments from a holy God.

No Forced Vaccines

No government has the authority to require citizens to receive foreign substances within their bodies against their will.

Prayer in Schools

Congress and most state legislatures begin their sessions with prayer. The students of WV school should enjoy the same freedom.

Fix the Roads

The Roads to Prosperity project promised great improvements in exchange for more debt on West Virginians. It is time we saw the results.

Respect the Police

The role of police is to maintain tranquility and order. We should focus on helping the police fulfill their mission, not finding fault with them.

Love Your Neighbor

The most fundamental rule of society--many laws could be erased with the practice of this simple concept.

Grow Local Foods

The response to COVID exposed the need for locally produced, healthful foods grown by local farmers. Dillon supports local agriculture.

Stop Child Predators

Children are the most vulnerable people in society. We must protect them from online and physical threats to their innocence and safety.

Support Our Teachers

Teachers have a challenging en enough task trying to manage and teach students of all types. All teachers should receive sufficient pay, funding, training, autonomy, and support equal to the task.

Defend The Constitution

The founders knew that concentrated power was not good for freedom in a republic. Congress and legislature must hold presidents and governors accountable when they step on the constitution.

Strong Small Towns

Small towns indicate the health of the nation. As small towns rise or fall, so does our nation. Let's make our small towns safe and prosperous.

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