Husband of 16 years ~ Family leader ~ Father of four ~ Educator since 2003 ~ Marshall University Alum ~ Member of Christian Educators Association International ~ Ph.D., U. of Cumberlands ~ Previous Right to Life leader ~ Previous Wayne GOP Leader ~ Homeschooler ~ Family Farm / Local Food Advocate

Why Henry Corby Dillon?

A Letter to My Fellow Citizens of District 29

     My fellow West Virginians,

     Please allow me the pleasure of introducing myself. I am Henry Corbett Dillon, or "Corby," as many know me. I have lived in the greater Fort Gay area of the district for the entire 40 years of my life, during which time much has changed. Today, I see fewer family farms, lower church attendance, and more hopelessness creeping in than when I was a boy growing up here. I remember when our local towns boasted multiple thriving stores. Drug-related crime and death were spoken of as occasional tragedies, and a $20 bill could fill most of a grocery cart or a gas tank. Missionaries and prayer were often seen in schools, and men and women still knew who they were.

     Today, it is difficult to recognize my own country and state. Progressive activists have pushed a narrative that has driven people apart and pulled them away from their moral foundations. People see society falling apart, but they do not know why it is happening.

     In short, it is happening because we have turned away from the source of our success. The Preamble to the West Virginia Constitution declares "Since through Divine Providence we enjoy the blessings of civil, political and religious liberty, we, the people of West Virginia, in and through the provisions of this Constitution, reaffirm our faith in and constant reliance upon God and seek diligently to promote, preserve and perpetuate good government in the state of West Virginia for the common welfare, freedom and security of ourselves and our posterity." 

     Sadly, many people no longer believe that this "reliance upon God" still applies, but it does. As our relationship with God goes, so goes the state. It is time we decide to return to God as a state. I want to help this transformation.

     I have a lifelong record of principled conservatism through a range of circumstances. During my time as a student at Marshall University, I argued publicly as a regular guest columnist in the campus newspaper for causes ranging from the right to life to the sanctity of traditional marriage and the family unit. As an active citizen I have previously  advanced these causes as leader of Wayne County Right to Life and Wayne County Republican Executive Committee.

     As an English teacher and school librarian in Wayne and Cabell counties, I fostered a love of classic literature, engaged students with thought-provoking discussions, and led students by demonstrating an ongoing example of Christian values.

     Now, as a Technology Integration Specialist in the Mingo County School system, I continue to enable and encourage students to be lifelong seekers of truth, skill, knowledge and wisdom.

     As a homeschooling family, my wife of 16 years, Debbie, and I collaborate to provide immersive learning experiences for our four children, ages 8 to infant. Our eclectic, integrated curricula include everything from the basics of language, math, and history to exciting daily practical lessons on the family farm and frequent family learning trips to visit relevant points of interest.

      Over the years, we have also seen the blessings which have come when our local churches are strong. We have been an engaged part of the body of Christ at Centerville Baptist Church, where my father remains pastor, since well before we wedded there on Nov. 18, 2006. Since then, a generation of children has been raised under good teaching in our church. Strong churches make strong communities.

     Debbie and I want to see our children grow up in a society with Christian values and widespread optimism. In a world where popular culture wants to claim our children, we want to move society back in the right direction. Unfortunately, there are powerful people entrenched in high positions in the state who would like to prevent this. In order to make progress, it is going to take people willing to confront this wickedness where it hides--in Charleston.

     We know that only God can save America and our state, but if you will have me as your representative in the West Virginia House of Delegates, I will fight for Biblical, conservative causes every day, in every facet of life. Please consider giving me your support for the House of Delegates, District 29 on May 10th, and please consider donating to the cause before then. The future of our state, our country, and our children is at stake.

God Save the Republic,

Henry C. Dillon, Ph.D.






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